Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd.

Overview of Donuts Bangkok

Donuts Bangkok is a startup of developing the web services with a focus on the social game of smartphone from Japan. The social game market in Japan is growing to so large scale that is predicted over 420 billion yen(≒140 billion baht) within 2013. It is possible to develop the game getting the sales several hundred millions of baht by the team less than 5 persons. Donuts Co., Ltd. is a leading company of the social game that developed the game for smartphone ”Biker Gangs” got the 1st place of a grossing ranking in Google Play and Appstore. For 6 consecutive years of growth, our sales have exceeded 2 Billion Yen.

Sales have exceeded for 6 periods in a raw Acquired over 3 million members Got the 1st place of a grossing ranking

Why is the office of Donuts Bangkok is one room of an apartment?

Facebook, Apple, Microsoft… the IT companies that provide the products like changing the world started their history from a small room like a garage. They could communicate closely because they could see their faces each other and they can call out each other easily there. And we think that it resulted in creation of their innovative products and services. So we venture to aim at No.1 social game company in Thailand from one room of an apartment which stands on Sukhumvit Soi 12 in Asok.

Large and stylish office Brisk balcony Group interview to research the taste Thai people like.

The way of working in Donuts Bangkok

We require to our staffs, “Work smart, learn nicely, play hard.” For implementing it, we furnish free drink and free food in the firm, they have no use restriction to use sports gym and swimming pool. Furthermore, for improve skills of our employees, we take on the charges of the reference books and the external trainings. We hold a company dinner once a month at the company’s expense, enjoy the meals each country by all staffs. Once a year, a employee trip with one night stay is planned.

Free meals and drinks The gym can be freely used Getting refreshed by swimming in the pool

Contact of Donuts Bangkok

39 Cosmo Villa 8C, Soi Sukhumvit 12, Sukhumvit Road, Klongtoey, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110
Tel: 02-653-2798